Had a wonderful time at Flowerpalooza!

Poodlefloss cotton candy houston
Set up in the Heights for terrariums, fresh flower crowns, ice cream and of course cotton candy!

Flowerpalooza was a blast – here we are set up on the left, I’m peepin’ from behind the wares! The cart has a surprisingly small footprint. All we needed was to set it down and plug it in – we were making fresh cotton candy in under 10 minutes!

It was a beautiful day and not only was the lovely Brittany there with all the fixins for terrariums, I also got to hang out with Nikki from Thorn Floral Studio who had a gorgeous array of fresh flowers for sale out of her vintage seafoam truckbed!

Thanks to Brittany at Pop Shop for inviting Poodlefloss to be a part of the fun, and thanks to everyone who made it out – one outstanding customer had this to say about Poodlefloss:

“I ate all of it!” – local Houstonian, age 5.

Check out what new stuff is happening at Pop Shop here:
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And Thorn Floral Studio here:
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