Record Store Day 2017 @ Arkansas Record & CD Exchange

Wow – what a day! I don’t usually get to do out-of-town gigs, but my dad’s record shop in Arkansas was celebrating Record Store Day in a big way and Poodlefloss was keen to be a part of the fun!
Woody and friends show off their Poodlefloss!
Every year Record Store Day is celebrated across the country by independent music retailers. This was the 10th year for RSD and likely the biggest yet, including all sorts of exclusive releases and limited edition re-issues.

For us at Arkansas Record and CD Exchange, the day started out with live music from 4 local bands, including my favorite Defrance Rock n’ Roll. Southern Salt Food Company was there with their foodtruck and delicious offerings! We opened the shop at 11 and a steady stream of independent music store supporters came in searching for exclusive Record Store Day specials. I split my time between working the front desk for the shop and outside making cotton candy – it was hectic!

During the course of the day I had quite a few visitors who were having cotton candy for the first time. They had several flavors to choose from – grape, blueberry, apple, and of course the pink vanilla!

My dear friend’s 3-year old daughter exclaimed: “I love it!” I can safely say that all the first-timers were totally converted!
This Poodlefloss enthusiast showed me some dance moves!This young lady is taking her Poodlefloss to go!
Poodlefloss will be looking forward to going back for Record Store Day 2018 – but until then we’ve got lots of parties to do right here in Houston! Let me know if you’re ready to celebrate!


Check out the great local musicians who played for us at RSD on Facebook:
Jason Lee Hale
Drew DeFrance
Justin McGoldrick
Mark Currey
Another happy Poodlefloss customer at RSD!

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